Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar


The next generation of Optics Technology meets spectacular industrial design to create the all-new 25 Series Pursuit lightbar from Code 3. This lightbar was designed from the ground up, completely reimagining what an emergency lightbar should be!



  • Each lighthead can be assigned an individual flash pattern providing almost unlimited flash pattern options.
  • Flash red/blue on the upper level, a NarrowStik on the bottom rear and a full Takedown on the lower front – all at the same time!
  • An exceptional Code 3 Sweeping Intersection light pattern for the lower level can be selected.
  • 2 levels of Dimming can be programmed per light head and per level.
  • The Pursuit allows you to choose from a high or low Cruise intensity, and a high or low Flicker Cruise intensity.


  • Optional powerful lower level white LED scene lights provide up to 360º of illumination
  • Lower level LEDs are individually switchable (left, right, front, and back) for use as alley lights, takedown lights, work lights and intersection lights


  • The light bar has one small cable with a hot, ground, and two serial wires making routing and installation of the cable a breeze.
  • Indicator lights for each lighthead on the circuit board show if it is receiving a signal, making troubleshooting at the board level much faster.
  • One-to-one plug ratio on internal wiring harness allows easy replacement of a single bad wire as opposed to having to replace a whole harness.
  • Each lighthead is labeled with a color coded grommet plus a label indicating color/date of manufacture. This makes identifying the LED type and warranty date extremely easy!


  • Uniquely molded grommet system, at entry point of lightbar cable, prevents water ingress or cable wear.
  • Aluminum plates under the top lenses prevent UV degradation
  • Organized internal locating system contains wiring tracks for routing all wiring and connections, keeping all internals neat and eliminating pinched wires.
  • Brass inserts are molded into the polycarbonate base to prevent screw stripping or cracking when the top lens screws are tightened.


  • The C3 Pro software lets you preview, on a PC, all pattern, light head, and level selections before you load the software into your Pursuit bar.
  • Once the flash patterns are selected and saved in C3 Pro, then the data is transmitted directly from the laptop to the Pursuit via the data port on the Network Junction box. No need for a separate programming box!
  • The 4 wire lightbar cable is connected to the small Network Junction box that can be mounted virtually anywhere in the vehicle.


  • 2 unique levels of lighting in a 3” high lightbar
    • Single color upper LEDs in red, blue, amber or green*
    • Powerful lower level LEDs for use as takedowns, alley, rear arrowstik, flashing and intersection lights available in white, amber, red or blue
  • C3 Pro™ interface programming for an unlimited number of flash pattern options
  • Corner intersection sweeping flash pattern for lower level lights
  • Integrated lens sealing system
  • Encapsulated control electronics
  • Serial network control: thin, flexible wiring harness
  • PC programming software
  • Internal wiring channels
  • Auto dimming with photocell
  • Selectable dimming levels for each light


  • Lower level traffic director
  • Upper lenses available in red, blue, amber or clear
  • Internal illuminated sign module is protected from weathering, available with the in 36”, 47”, 59” lengths*


  • 24”, 30”, 36”, 41”, 47”*, 53”, 59”*, 65”, 71”, 77”, 83” L (604mm, 754mm, 904mm, 1054mm, 1204mm*, 1354mm, 1504mm*, 1654mm, 1804mm, 1954mm, 2104 mm L) 13.45” W x 3”H (343 mm x 76mm)
  • Multi-voltage (10–30V) Operation with Class-leading EMC Performance
  • Designed to meet SAE Class 1, California Title 13, when properly configured. Also meets R10, IP65, CISPR 25
  • 5-Year Warranty on LED Modules and Central Controller

*Illuminated Sign Available (only in 47” & 59” L)